CL 28 - Classical Mythology

Syllabus: This schedule is subject to change and addition. Check this page regularly for the most recent version and for helpful links and extra materials. Reading assignments are to be done BEFORE the day they are listed.
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BC = BCourses reading    GM = The Greek Myths (Graves)



Jan 20

word list

Introduction; Definitions and interpretations of myth

gods in Greek and Latin

BC - Vernant, Myth and Society in Ancient Greece, "The Reason of Myth"

Jan 22
word list

Greek chronology, culture and religion

BC - Powell, "Chapter 2: the Cultural Context of Classical Myth;" Garland, Religion and the Greeks, "Accessing the Supernatural"

Jan 27
word list

Creation Myths; Emergence of the Olympians; Ages of Humankind

Hesiod, Theogony and Works and Days; GM: Section/Chapter 36, 38-39

Jan 30
No Class

Feb 3
word list

Olympians I: Zeus, Hera, Hephaistos, and Ares (Sanctuary of Olympia)
News on Zeus and pre-Zeus worship

BC - Vegetti, “The Greeks and Their Gods,” 254-271, 277-283 and Iliad 1:530-643, 14:149-366, 16:455-496; Odyssey 8:287-389;

GM: 8, 9, 12, 13, 19, 20, 23 and 29

Feb 5

word list

Olympians II: Poseidon and Athena (Athenian Acropolis)
NOVA: Secrets of the Parthenon

BC - Woodford, "Part 1";

Iliad 2:477-487, 13:11-69, 24:650-671;

GM: 16 and 25

Feb 10
word list

Olympians III: Aphrodite, Artemis, and Apollo
(Delos and Delphi)

Shelmerdine, Hymn to Aphrodite and Hymn to Apollo; Iliad 24:650-671; Euripides, Ion;

GM: 11, 18, 21, 22, and 77

Feb 12
word list

Olympians IV: Hermes and Demeter (Eleusis)

Shelmerdine, Hymn to Hermes and Hymn to Demeter; GM: 17 and 24

Feb 17
word list

Hades and the Underworld; Orpheus, Asklepios, and Mystery Religions (Epidaurus)

BC - Vegetti, pp. 271-277 and Aeneid Book VI; Odyssey Book 11;
GM: 28, 31, and 50

Feb 19



Feb 24
word list

Dionysus and the Greek Theater; Heroes, Heroines, and sagas

Shelmerdine, Hymn to Dionysus; Euripides, The Bacchae and Alcestis;
GM: 27 and 80

Feb 26
word list

House of Cadmus I

Sophocles, Oedipus the King; GM: 56-59, 76 and 105

Mar 3

House of Cadmus II

BC - Woodford "Part 2"
Sophocles, Antigone

Mar 5
word list

House of Aeolus

Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica; Euripides, Medea;
GM: 153-155

Mar 10
word list

House of Danaus I

GM: 60 and 73
Mar 12
word list
House of Danaus II
Shelmerdine, Hymn to Herakles pp.150-151; CR- The Shield;
19:97-147; Life of Herakles
GM: 118-120, 122-134, 142, 145 and 146

Mar 17
word list

Theseus I

GM: 95-97
Annotated Bibliography due in section this week!

Mar 19
Theseus II and Cretan Myths
Euripides, Hippolytus; GM: 88, 90, 98, 100 and 104
Mar 24/26
No Class - Spring Break

Mar 31



Apr 2
word list

Homer and the Bronze Age; Intro to the Trojan War

BC - Palaima, "Linear B Sources"; Iliad Intro to Lombardo tr. pp. xvii-xxix and xlviii-lviii; Euripides, Iphigeneia at Aulis

GM: 62 and 158-161

Apr 7
word list

Trojan War


Iliad Books 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 16, 19, 22, 23 and 24
First draft of paper due this week in section!

Apr 9
word list

The sack of Troy and the Returns

Odyssey Book 8 519-565; BC - Aeneid Books 1 & 2; Euripides, The Trojan Women; GM: 164-169

Apr 14
word list

House of Atreus

Aeschylus, Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers and The Furies; GM: 108-111

Apr 16
word list

The Odyssey I

Books 1-8

Apr 21

The Odyssey II

Books 9-16

Apr 23

The Odyssey III

Books 17-24

Apr 28
word list

Roman religion and mythology

BC - Harris and Platzner "Chapter 18: The Roman Vision"; Selection from Ovid's Metamorphoses, Books 14 and 15

Apr 30

Roman myth con't

PAPER due in class!!

May 7


May 13


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