Classics 130 -  The Trojan War: history or myth?
 Writing Assignments:

#1 – due Tuesday, March 8th   more details
Everyone will choose a topic (2 students per 10 topics). Five (5) of these will also be presentation topics (2 students working together and presenting 10 minutes maximum).

Research paper on a central character in the Troy story and how they are portrayed in different sources and at different times, together with a comparative analysis of literary and visual evidence for a key part/scene of the story, related to that character.

#2 – due Thursday, April 21st  more details
Everyone will write on the following topics for the second paper. Five (5) presentations related to the larger topics will also be chosen by those students not presenting on the first topic (2 students working together and presenting 10 minutes maximum).

A personal analysis of “ the questions” surrounding the Trojan War and theoretical constructs based on the archaeological evidence

#3 - due Tuesday, May 10th by 2pm   more details
 A critical review of relevant contemporary material derived from or based on the Trojan War.
These are the general paper topics to be completed over the course of the semester. For each individual topic – more specific and detailed information will be posted online – including approved subjects for paper #1 and presentations.

You should emphasize: 1. The subject matter that you are discussing, 2. Its relevance to our study of the Trojan War (literary, artistic, archaeological), 3. *Your opinions and feelings on the topic, AND 4. **WHY you have come to these opinions and/or conclusions
Keep in mind the following guidelines:
1. Your paper should be 6-8 pages, typed, double-spaced with no more than 1” margins all-around.
2. You will need to use several sources (in addition to textbooks and Bcourses reading materials) for your research, ancient and modern. These must be clearly cited in the text using the Harvard system (Shelton 2000: 27-30) and in full bibliographic entries at the end of the paper. (Please let me know if you need help locating sources).
3. Proofread carefully. With today's computer spell and grammar checks, there is no excuse for sloppy errors.
4. Illustrations are welcomed, but do not count towards the page total.
5. Be sure to hand in your paper on time (by class on specified days). Late papers will be seriously penalized. No submissions by e-mail will be accepted.
6. Be very conscious of structure: provide a clear introduction and conclusion, and arrange your arguments logically and succinctly.

Please come to see me at any time if I can provide advice or assistance. You may prepare an outline or rough draft to "pass by me" if it would help in your preparation process, but of course is optional.
Paper #1 topics                                               presentation date
EVERYONE signs up for one (1)

1. Paris and the Judgment                                                    -----

          Charles                                                          Nicholas
_________________________________    _________________________________        

2. Helen and her abduction or elopement                             2/16

          Heather                                                          Jacqueline
_________________________________    _________________________________

3. Achilles and disguise on Skyros                                    -----

         Andrew                                                          Sharon
_________________________________    _________________________________

4. Agamemnon – Wrath of Achilles                                    2/18

         Darold                                                            Holly
_________________________________    _________________________________

5. Diomedes and xenia                                                        2/18 (2/23?)

               Pachia                                                      Jaren                                                 
_________________________________    _________________________________

6. Andromache as Trojan woman                                       -----

         Olivia                                                              Alexis
_________________________________    _________________________________

7. Odysseus and the Embassy to Achilles                           2/23

         Stewart                                                            Richard
_________________________________     _________________________________

8. Hektor and battle                                                             -----

          Stephanie                                                         Seth
_________________________________    _________________________________

9. Thetis and the arming of Achilles                                    2/25

          Kenny                                                             Kailee
_________________________________    _________________________________

10. Patroklos and the funeral                                               3/1

          Natalia                                                          Hanyu
_________________________________    _________________________________

11. Priam and the Ransom of Hektor                                    -----

         Flynn                                                              Janice
_________________________________    _________________________________

12. Ajax and the suicide                                                        3/3

          Sierra                                                            Colin
________________________________    _________________________________

13. Cassandra and the Horse                                                   -----

          Shelbi                                                               April
________________________________     _________________________________

14. Aeneas and the Fall of Troy                                             3/3

     Serena                                                                  Antara
_________________________________      ________________________________

*if you have signed up for a topic w/o presentation date then please choose and sign up for one (1) of the following:

Paper #2 topics                                               presentation date

Questions:    Homer & Hisarlik                                                3/15

__________________________________    ________________________________

        Metals and the E Mediterranean                                       4/5

         Charles                                                              Flynn
___________________________________    ________________________________

        Evidence of Mycenaeans                                                  4/7

         Andrew                                                              Janice
___________________________________    ________________________________

        Chariots in Iliad and BA/IA                                              4/14

          Seth                                                                  April
__________________________________    _________________________________

Paper #3 topics

Review of Marion Bradley’s The Firebrand.                             4/26
         Olivia                                                              Sharon
__________________________________    _________________________________

The Trojan War in Hollywood                                                   4/28

         Shelbi                                                                Stephanie
__________________________________    __________________________________