Classics 130 - The Trojan War: history or myth?

Writing Assignment 4: SUBJECT
due Tuesday May 10th, by 2pm, 7209 Dwinelle Hall*

Critical review of relevant contemporary material derived from or based on the Trojan War.

This paper will be an analysis and review of contemporary works of art, literature, film or music that are based on, or adapted from the story of the Trojan War. An obvious choice is the Warner Bros. film by Wolfgang Peterson Troy (2004). Another film was produced for the USA Channel and is available on DVD and streaming, Helen of Troy (2003). Books include The Firebrand by M.Z. Bradley (1987) and Troy by R. Matturro (1989), among others. There are also short stories, poetry, comics and operas ................. A good place to start is the last entry in your Bcourse readings #24: D. Thompson, "The Tradition Continues: Troy in the 20th century and beyond," The Trojan War: literature and legends from the Bronze age to the present. 

For this assignment you will want to critically analyze and discuss the material and its use in contemporary terms. Be sure to consider and address where appropriate:

1) the historical/archaeological accuracy of the depiction (setting, characters, props, etc)
2) its adaptation of the Iliad and/or Aeneid (you may consider its use of other ancient material as well)
3) characterizations of the individuals and their cultures, and
4) the significance (if any!) to the present and future study of the Trojan War and to contemporary audiences.

This is a review so you will primarily be expressing your personal opinion/s and should base that in actual examples from the ancient material (cite) as well as the contemporary subject matter. Do cite source material where approriate. Once again, remember to follow the guidelines as spelled out on the main assignment page. Most of what you should write will come out of your head (or heart) just be able to explain yourself!

Please come see me at any time to discuss any part of this assignment, including help in interpreting the topic, finding sources, preparing an outline and, of course, going over an early draft of the paper.