Classics 130 - The Trojan War: history or myth?

Writing Assignment 2: SUBJECT
due Thursday, April 21st*

Personal analysis of "the questions" and theoretical constructs based on the archaeological evidence ............. Did the Trojan War actually take place?

You will want to consider:
The question is really four-pronged:
1) Is the story told by Homer history or myth? Was there a war?
2) Where did it take place......Troy?
3) If it is a real event and took place at Troy, When did it take place?
(Specifically, which level of Troy represents the city underseige and sacked? ) and
4) Did the Mycenaean Greeks do it?


You will want to summarize the problems/questions and the theories that you have heard about in class, in the texts and Bcourse readings or from other outside readings. Then write your analysis and opinions on each part of the problem and the explanations provided by the various authors and most importantly, how did you approach this problem? What was your line of thought? Don't forget to tell me WHY you think what you think.

Once again, remember to follow the guidelines as spelled out on the main assignment page. Most of the information you will need for this assignment will come from our class discussions (cite as follows: class diss. 3/17/52) and relevant readings - you do not have to consult outside sources - although I recommend it - and you certainly will not need to consult random internet sources - only those related to the new excavations (linked on our class site) are appropriate. Most of what you should write will come out of your head (or heart) just be able to explain yourself!

Please come see me at any time to discuss any part of this assignment, including help in interpreting the topic, finding sources, preparing an outline and, of course, going over an early draft of the paper.