CL 170A - Classical Archaeology: Greek Painting
Research Projects/Papers:

The research component of your grade (30%) will include a project on the topic you chose that includes
a group oral presentation (10%) and an individual paper (20%).

Keep in mind the following guidelines:

Oral Presentation:

1. A group presentation of no more than 15 minutes length (will be strongly enforced for fairness) that will include participation of all group members.

2. The duties and/or areas covered by members of the group (research and/or presentation) will be independently determined by each group.

3.  Format of presentation is up to the group - illustrations are optional but often a good idea (see me well in advance about medium of images and equipment requirements). Handouts with a short bibliography and key terms, names etc. is strongly encouraged (see me if you want them available online prior to presentation day).

4. Reading in ancient literature and modern scholarship beyond what is assigned for class is required. (Please let me know if you need help locating sources).

5. Research paper and presentation will cover the archaeological, historical and stylistic aspects of your topic.

1. Each student will submit an individual and original research paper based on the topic and parameters outlined above and presented orally.

2. The paper should be 6-8 pages, typed, double-spaced (regular font and type)
with no more than 1" margins all-around.

You will need to use several sources for your research, possibly ancient and certainly modern (minimum of three in addition to textbooks and CP materials). These must be clearly cited in the text using the Harvard system (Shelton 2000: 27-30) and in full bibliographic entries at the end of the paper. (Again, please let me know if you need help locating sources). For bibliography (example): Shelton, K. 2000. "Chamber Tombs from Mycenae," Arch Ephemeris. 22-50.

NB: Information from the WEB is notoriously bad, but can be a good source for references to follow up - so only ONE source may be used (and cited) in the paper - preferably from a better site like Perseus (
Websites should be sited by an abbreviation in the text (Perseus "Olympia") and fully including web address and date of accession in the bibliography.

4. Proofread carefully. With today's computer spell and grammar checks, there is no excuse for sloppy errors.

5. Illustrations are welcomed, but do not count towards the page total.

Be very conscious of structure: provide a clear introduction and conclusion, and arrange your arguments logically and succinctly.

7. A preliminary annotated bibliography is due in class on Tuesday, April 16th.

8. Be sure to hand in your paper on time (by 11:00 am on Thursday, May 9th).
Late papers will not be accepted nor will submissions by e-mail.

Please come to see me at any time if I can provide advice or assistance. You may prepare a rough draft to "pass by me" (presentation and/or paper) if it would help in your preparation process, but of course is optional.


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