CL 170A - Classical Archaeology: Greek Painting

Syllabus and Reading Assignments

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Bsp=B-space reading    GV=Boardman, History of Greek Vases    RB=Sparkes, The Red and the Black

Reserve List
DATE                                CLASS TOPIC                                             READINGS

22                                                             Introduction   
                                            Terminology and Methodology
 24                                       Painting techniques and media                        GV 7-12 and ch. 9; RB ch. II

 29                                       Painting in prehistory:                                     Bsp Betancourt #1 and Hemelrijk
word list                              form and function                   
  31                                     The Neolithic and Early Bronze Age              Bsp Betancourt #2
word list
  5                                       Minoan painting and pottery                            Bsp Betancourt #3
word list
  7                                       Thera and the Cyclades                                   Bsp Betancourt #4 and Preziosi and Hitchcock
word list
  12                                     Mycenaean painting                                        Bsp Betancourt #5 and Immerwahr
word list
  14                                     Mycenaean pottery                                          Bsp Betancourt #6 and Mountjoy
  26                                     Time of change, painting media
word list                              and pottery function                                        GV 139-152, 219-239; RB ch III ; Bsp Pots&Pans
  26                                      Early Iron Age                                                GV 13-28, 191-195; RB 1-10
word list
  28                                      Iron Age                                                          GV 28-40; Bsp Rasmussen
word list
           Architecture and painting,                               Bsp  Osborne
word list                              subjects and narrative             
   7                                   Orientalizing and the 7th century                      GV 40-43, 168-188, 194-202            
word list

   12                                        *MIDTERM EXAM* Review Guide

   14                                     Archaic painting                       GV 44-50, 202-209 ; Bsp Merola #1; “Trenches”; and
word list                                                                                                     “Tomb Raiders” 

  19                                       Connoisseurship and Black Figure                  GV 128-138; RB ch IV

  21                                       Black Figure                                                    GV 50-66; RB 10-15
word list

26/28                               Spring Break

            Regionalism and specialized use                     GV 66-78, 153-167
word list

    4                                  Late Archaic Innovations                                GV 79-82; RB ch V
word list

   9                                      Red Figure                                                      GV 83-94; RB 16-26
word list

 11                                      Italian Creations                                              GV 109-122, 209-217
 16                                       Classical Red Figure                                       GV 244-268
 18                                       White ground vase and free painting               GV 94-97, 269-28; Bsp Williams and Burn; and         
                               Annotated Bibliography Due                          Robertson “Classical”


 23                                       Late Classical                                                  GV 98-106
 word list 

 25                                       Hellenistic: tombs                                            GV 107-109; RB 27-32, ch VI ; Bsp Merola #2
                                          Hellenistic: walls and floors                            GV 122-127 ; Bsp Merola #2; Robertson               
                                                                                                      “Hellenistic” and Hayes

 30                                       Class presentations                             
  2                                        Class presentations                 
  9                                        *Writing assignment due*                Review Guide
FINAL EXAM –  May 16th 9-11am in 224 Wheeler (our classroom!)

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