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The Pioneers

Euphronios c510      Euphronios self-portrait and Smikros

Euthymides c510      Euthymides, votive plaque, Athenian Acropolis

Phintias 525-510   Sosias Ptr   Oltos, psykter

Oltos, Nikosthenic amphora 525-500   Epiktetos, plate

Late Archaic:
Kleophrades Ptr 505-475
   amphora         hydria

Berlin Ptr 500-460s
name vase     

Cup Painters: Late Archaic to Early Classical
Brygos Ptr 480s-470s
Ransom of Hektor   in,out symposium

Douris 500-460
Eos and Memnon         Athena and Jason

Early Classical
Pan Ptr 460s