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Nessos Ptr 630-600   Gorgon Ptr dinos 600-570   Sophilos dinos 600-570

Komast Cup, 1/4 6thc   Siana cup "overlap" 2/4 6thc

Merrythought cup

Little Master cups:   3/4 6thc
  Amasis Ptr, Band cup      Lip cup   Droop cup

Type A kylix, "eye cup", Exekias, 550-525      Nikosthenes, Nikosthenic Amphora

Lydos, Herakles and Nessos      Amasis Ptr, lekythos   Amasis Ptr

   Exekias,  coral red kylix, Dionysus    Exekias, Suicide of Ajax      Exekias, funerary plaques      Antimenes Ptr, Dionysiac scene   Antimenes Ptr

Leagros group, hydria, 520-500