CL 170A - Classical Archaeology: Greek Painting
Final Review Guide

General comments:

The test is in theory cumulative (because there are things about technique and development that you will want to review and potentially draw from for essay answers) but it will be much more heavily weighted towards the material presented since the midterm. The test will consist of three parts:

1. Slide Identifications: images shown individually or in pairs with specific questions on identifying characteristics and/or how they relate to the culture or chronological period.

2. Short answers including terms identifications and recognition of specific styles, objects and sites.

3. Essays. You will be given a selection of topics/questions, probably four,  from which you will answer two. The topics may consist of various objects, periods, styles, and media. Just like on the midterm:

Example: Using examples, discuss the similarities and differences among Attic Black Figure and Red Figure vase painting (This will require some combined knowledge of BOTH textbooks, bspace readings, and lecture material).


You should be able to give a 5-10 year date range for important people, developments, and objects of the historical period. For the prehistoric phases you should know cultural period and/or century at least. The dates are provided on the word lists and/or in your textbooks.

Chronological Chart

Painting Media and Techniques:

Lightly Review Bronze and Iron Ages....

Bronze Age (Minoan Crete, Cyclades and Mycenaean Civilization):

Iron Age:

Geometric-Archaic periods:   ProtoCorinthian to Early Corinthian

Classical Period
Late Classical to Hellenistic periods: (we looked at only the Kerch style [1st image] but I include the others FYI. You will NOT be asked to id these late paintings) Review the material in the readings and the images in the textbook, PLUS review the material presented in the presentations by your classmates - much will assist in the cumulative review!

syllabus 04/30/13