CL 17A - Introduction to Greek Archaeology


General comments:
You will need to bring a "blue/green book" exam booklet!

The test will consist of three parts:

1. Slide Identifications: images shown alone or in pairs with specific questions on identifying characteristics and/or how they relate to the culture or chronological period.

2. Short answers including term or word list identifications (1-2 sentences at most - who/what/where/when and especially WHY) and recognition of specific names, sites and styles - both fill in the blank and matching.

3. Essay. You will be given a selection of  three questions/topics from which you will choose one to answer. The topics will require you to discuss a range of periods, materials and especially cultures, often in comparison or contrast. You will be asked about the evidence for archaeological reconstruction and will be expected to describe developments over time and across cultures. 3-5 "blue book" pages is the suggested length. Be certain to draw from your readings and class notes.

Example: Describe what is known about the development of large-scale architecture on Crete from the Early Minoan to New Palace Periods, citing specific examples wherever possible.
You should be able to give a date range or period for important events, sites, developments, and arifacts (especially pottery styles) for which the dates are provided on the word lists or in your textbook.
Stone Age - Neolithic
Cycladic: Minoan Crete: Mainland: Mycenaean:
Review the material in your lecture notes, word lists, the readings and the images in the textbook!


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