Assignment for 9/16 class
  1. Do the readings on B-Courses and in the Mycenae book for the 9/16 class with special attention to objects found in burials and how they might be understood by archaeologists.
  2. Using the Grave Circles at Mycenae as an example, make a list of objects (5-8) that you believe should be buried with you.
  3. Write a brief explanation (1-2 sentences) for each object detailing why/how it represents you and your life (or possibly what you would like others to believe about you and your life).
    QUESTIONS 1-3 DUE 9/16 in class
  4. Use this exercise and our class discussion on 9/16 to think further about the material from the Grave Circles and how we should reconstruct the individuals and their lives. Choose 4 objects illustrated in class or your readings to discuss in more detail what we should imagine about the owners/consumers.
  5. Using the list of objects that you should be buried with (edited following class discussion if you like), draw a diagram of what you would like your grave/tomb to look like including how you and your objects would be deposited/displayed.
    QUESTIONS 4-5 DUE 10/7 in class

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