Assignment for 3/5 class

  1. In addition to the reading assignments, have a look at the following museum websites:
       The British Museum

        The Louvre

        The Metropolitan Museum of Art

        The Getty

    2.  Explore the collection databases and look for information about provenance (source) of objects and the circumstances of aquisition. Are these important matters to the museum institution? Should they be?

    3.  Pick one item, a new aquisition if possible, and write up a brief description of the object and its cultural context. Provide any information of origin/source the museum gives.

    4. Then do a brief web search for the object or ones like it to see if you can discover any possible sources - note down what you come up with.


    5.  Select a modern country or region of the world that contains some type of cultural property. Do a quick web search of what potential cultural property there is and if there is any danger for its destruction and/or loss. Write up a brief account of the area and what is at stake, including any significance to its own source culture/region and the world at large.

    6. Check to see if UNESCO has declared anything in that country/region as a World Heritage site. Do you think this will provide any advantage to securing the cultural property? How so?

    7. Search also for the antiquities policy and law for your country/region, if any - outline it.

Following the class discussion on antiquities law, you may want to think again about the info you discovered and evaluate its effectiveness!

syllabus 09/21/16