Assignment for 11/30
Excavation proposal and research design

Using the information that you have accumulated throughout the semester from class discussion, readings and assignments, you will prepare an excavation proposal and research design for any place that you would like to investigate.

1. The proposal will be much like what you did for the assignment of 9/7, but much more focused and detailed. You will want to name the place/culture and/or time period you plan to investigate, where it is located and the current status of the remains. You will end with a clear statement of why you feel it worthy/necessary for archaeological investigation and specifically what your personal interest is.

2. Then you will want to prepare a research design outlining your plan of attack. Start with the QUESTION to be answered, the statement of interest presented in your proposal and then carefully describe your approach (to dig or not to dig), equipment and necessary specialists, a timeline of the project, including study time and what you plan to do as far as publication is concerned. Do you have money? from where? How will you address sensitive cultural issues and what are your long term plans for presentation and conservation? Always keep in mind your research goal (what do you want to discover?) and what you will need to reach that goal.

3. A proposal and research design are always stronger when illustrated, so do include a map and/or plan and perhaps a relevant photo of remains or artifacts. A brief bibliography of sources to support your claims of necessary research is always a good idea and can consist of material from the course reader, text book, other articles and websites.

DUE in seminar 11/30/2016!

Good Digging!

syllabus 11/08/16