CL 172 / HA 190B - Art & Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age
Writing Assignment #2


*Due Thursday, April 11th*

Another one of the basic methodologies every archaeologist has to practice is the relative dating of artifacts. Usually this is done with a fairly narrow range of objects (again, from one's own excavation!) and hopefully well stratified objects. Using the knowledge collected through readings and class lectures as well as a strong sense of style and good guesswork, you will be experiencing this firsthand.

On Bcourses is posted a pdf document (HmWk #2) that illustrates sixteen artifacts from the Aegean. Your assignment is to put the objects in chronological order from earliest to latest. You will then write up a narrative that explains your decisions in the dating order. There are different types of objects so some decisions may be easier to make by grouping artifacts first by category then chronologically. A few objects may be contemporary too.

Most important is to clearly explain in detail the inner workings of your dating process. Comparanda may be cited to justify your chronological classification.This assignment should be typed, in a font of 12 pt. and should be single or 1.5 spaced. Please include the photo of the objects if possible, at least in final order.

Let me or Kelsey know if you have any questions.


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