CLASSICS 175C  The Archaeology of Greek Sanctuaries and Religion

Syllabus and Readings

The listed readings are to be done before coming to the lecture.
refers to Ancient Greek Religion and GA to Greek Architecture. CR
refers to the course reader.

Class date Lecture topic
M 29
W 31 Sources, Geography and History
GR - Preface
F  2
word list
Basics of Greek Religion – the gods
GR – ch. 2
M   5 Labor Day Holiday
W   7 Basics of Greek Religion – ritual
GR – ch. 7; CR - Burkert "The temple in Classical Greece"
F     9
Basics of Greek Religion – sanctuary
GR – ch. 1; CR – Marinatos "What were Greek sanctuaries?"
M 12
word list
Stone Age to Bronze Age – caves and peaks
GA – 8-12; CR - Dickinson "Religion"
W 14      Crete and the Cyclades – towns and palaces GA – 15-33
F  16
word list
Greeks in the Bronze Age  
GA – ch. 7; CR - French "Cult places at Mycenae"
M 19 Mycenaean Religion CR – Wright "The spatial configuration of belief: the archaeology of Mycenaean Religion"
W 21
word list
Dark Age – private and domestic CR – Antonaccio "Placing the past: the Bronze Age in the cultic topography of Early Greece" Odyssey Book XI
F  23
isolation, recovery and the dead GA – 61-62
F 30
word list
local to Pan-Hellenic
GR – ch. 5; CR – Morgan "The origins of pan-Hellenism"
Pindar Olympian Ode
M  3
Hera and the early sanctuaries 
GA – 62-65
Pausanius on the Argive Heraion
W  5
word list
temples – architecture and use
GA – ch. 10 and 77-81, ch. 12; CR – Coldstream "Greek temples: why and where"
Pausanius on Hera Temple, Olympia

F  7
TEST #1  

M 10
word list
Hero cults;
Zeus – early sanctuaries
CR – Ekroth "Altars in Greek Hero Cults"; Evjen "The origins and functions of formal athletic competition in the Ancient World"
W 12
religion, festival and athletics CR – Cartledge "The Greek religious festivals

F  14
word list
Zeus - Olympia GR – 111-129; GA – 104-107; CR – Swaddling "The programme and the events"
Bacchylides Odes
Pindar Odes
Pausanius on Olympia - begin here then click the arrows to keep reading through 5.16.1
M 17 Olympia con't
W 19
word list
Apollo – early sanctuaries
CR – Tomlinson "Delos"
F  21
Apollo – Delphi GR – 99-111; CR – Sourvinou- Inwood "The myth of the first temples at Delphi;" Price "Delphi and divination" and de Boer et al. "New evidence"
Pausanius on Delphi - begin here then click the arrows to keep reading through 10.18.1
M 24
Delphi con't
W 26  

F  28
GR – ch. 6 for your own information
M 31
CR – Maurizio "Anthropology and spirit possession" if it interests you ....

W  2
word list

Delphi and Poseidon at Isthmia GR – 56-60; GA – ch. 16; CR – Gebhard "The evolution of a pan-Hellenic sanctuary"
F   4
word list
Athena – Acropolis of Athens
GR – 62-65, 68-82; GA – 108-128; "Classical Athens" and Osborne "The
sculptures of the Parthenon"
M  7 Panathenaia
W  TEST #2
F  11 Veteran's Day Holiday
W 16
word list
Dionysus in the country and in the city GR – 60-62, 91-99; GA – ch. 24
Read the Homeric Hymn to Dionysus
F 18-
M 21
word list
Eleusis and the Mysteries
GR – 82-90; CR – Clinton "The
sanctuary of Demeter and Kore at Eleusis"
Read the Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Healing sanctuaries and Hellenistic trends 
GR – ch. 8; GA – ch. 19

From Greek to Roman CR – Alcock "Minding the gap in Hellenistic and Roman Greece"
W 23 no class – Happy Thanksgiving
F  25 Thanksgiving Holiday
M 28 class reports: Mycenae and Aegina

W 30 class reports: Sounion (handout) and Corinth

F   2
class reports: Athenian Agora and Sparta (outline - Arsalan)

M  5 class reports: Nemea and Epidaurus (word list/plan)

W  7 class reports: Ephesus and Paestum

F   9 From pagan to Christian Research Papers Due by 4:00 pm

  Thursday December 15th 12:30 – 3:30 Final Exam                      

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