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Ancient Greek Cult Practice from the Archaeological Evidence. R. Hagg (ed) [MAIN BL785.I57 1993]
Early Greek Cult Practice. R. Hagg et al (eds) [MAIN BL785.E21 1988]
Greek Religion. W. Burkert [MAIN BL782.B8313 1985]
Greek Religion and Society. Easterling and Muir (eds) [MAIN BL790.G74 1985]
Greek Sanctuaries. R.A. Tomlinson [MAIN NA275.T651]
Greek Sanctuaries: new approaches. Marinatos and Hagg (eds) [MAIN BL795.S47.G74 1993]
Goddess and Polis: the Panathenaic Festival in Ancient Athens. J. Neils (ed) [MAIN DF123.N45 1992]
Peloponnesian Sanctuaries and Cults. R. Hagg (ed) [MAIN DF261.P3.P35 2002]
Placing the Gods. S. Alcock and R. Osborne (eds) [MAIN BL795.S47.P53 1994]

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